Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition


Miller, Steve

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What separates average businesses from extraordinarily successful ones? Better product? Your competitor will rapidly reverse-engineer your “secret sauce” and get their “better-thanyours” version on the market faster than you can say “Usain Bolt.” Better customer service? All of your competitors say they provide the best customer service. It’s a wishywashy phrase . . . a vague generality meaning nothing. Better pricing? You’re kidding, right? The company that lives on price will die on price. More harsh reality: Almost all industries today struggle with the increasing commoditization of their products and services, putting considerable pressure on prices and margins, leading to fiercer competition. The Solution? You must create an Uncopyable Attachment with your customers. They must see you as not only delivering a superior product but also as a high-value relationship they simply cannot get anywhere else. In Uncopyable, Steve Miller compellingly argues that new advantage isn’t found by going “outside the box”–you must build your own box. Let Uncopyable serve as your guide to achieving an unfair and enduring competitive advantage.

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