If It Is to Be, It’s up to Me: How to Develop the Attitude of a Winner and Become a Leader


Smith, Thomas B.; Markowski, Michael A.

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Are you taking total responsibility for your own success? Everyone who truly succeeds develops the attitude of a winner and becomes a leader. A positive attitude prepares you fro success. How positive is yours? Are you excited about what you’re doing and where you’re going? What’s your attitude toward your career or business? How does stress affect your attitude? Total success includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle-a sound mind and body are key. Do you exercise and eat a balanced diet? Decision, commitment, dedication, conviction, and persistence are essential traits of a winner and leader. Are you focused on you dream and doing whatever it takes to achieve it? Do you make maximum use of your time? Some say luck has an impact on your ability to lead and succeed. Can that be true? Many say enthusiasm is key. But how enthusiastic are you? If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me (Revised) shows you how to lead by setting goals and following your dream. You’ll learn the art of leading others for positive accomplishment and the essentials of HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP. Tom Smith took his insurance agency from the bottom to number two in the nation. Along the way he suffered a stress-induced heart attack that almost killed him, but grew through it, regained his health, balanced his life, and ended up as a top leader in a highly competitive industry. He and his wife live in New Jersey. Read this book and you’ll know that…If it is to be, it’s up to me!

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