Success Runs in Our Race


Fraser, George C.

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“Each one must reach one and teach one,” says George Fraser. “We’ve got to connect and work together – because we have no choice! We can’t expect others to do for us that which we will not do for ourselves. A moment in the twenty-first century to more effectively network and leverage our collective resources and intellectual capital will parallel the importance of the civil rights movement of the twentieth century. African Americans must start now. We must get together to get ahead.” With scores of anecdotes taken from interviews with successful African Americans, Fraser shows how to network for information, for influence, and for resources – not just for individual attainment, but also for the befit of the entire African-American community.

A call for the revival of Afrocentric communal spirit among the millions of African Americans seeking personal and professional success, Success Runs in Our Race is an inspirational, information-packed bible of networking. It features new sights into how Kwanzaa, tribalism, the new Urban Village, and Rites of Passage will help increase your effectiveness in the community.

More than a guide for personal achievement, Success Runs in Our Race seeks also to inspire a social movement and a re-birth of the Underground Railroad in which successful African Americans share the lessons of self-determination ad empowerment with those still struggling to scale the ladder of success.

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