Personal Excellence : A System for Making Things Happen in Your Life and Career


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In difficult economic times, decision-makers in business need to take decisive action. It is essential that they combat the pressures and respond to difficult market and economic conditions in a way that minimizes negative effects. Tough Tactics in Tough Times will give you a head start in difficult circumstances. It sets out fifty practical ways to help your business and its financial situation, including ways to: reduce costs, increase staff effectiveness, maintain a marketing initiative, maximise business from your best customers, maintain an awareness of your products/services, focus promotional activity where it will do the most good and spot opportunities for new business. Tough Tactics in Tough Times will help you to take stock and act now. With a check-list to help you decide on the appropriate action, you will be able to formulate a crash programme of well selected measures that should assist your situation and help you to maintain business success.

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