Imagine: Stripping Christian Image and Living God’s Abundant Real Life


Jeremiah, DeeAnn Joy

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This Christian nonfiction book discusses how a truthful and more honest approach to your faith can lead to a closer relationship with God. Clear your path of false appearances and reveal a clear picture of your truest self. With personal insight, the author shares how she exposed her most tender and vulnerable self, and what she gained because of it. She writes her story from her core beliefs, seeking joy, purpose, and strength. Largely set at a local homeless shelter where the author volunteered, the book examines how a change in scenery can shift your mindset and reveal pretenses you did not even know were there. With guiding questions at the end of each chapter, this works as a handbook or guide to stripping away the façade and coming clean to God.

Spiritual growth, personal growth, Christian self-help, Christian inspiration, addiction, born again Christian, spiritual practice, self discovery, inward journey, spiritual evolution.

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