Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self-Esteem


Ward, Francine

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A powerhouse motivator shares her strategies for building lifelong self-esteem and tapping the boundless energy and talent within everyone.

Francine Ward is living proof that actions speak louder than words, and leads a life that far exceeds the wildest dream of her youth. By age eighteen, she had dropped out of high school and was battling drug and alcohol addictions. A few years latter, Ward was struck by a car; she was told she would never walk again. Flash-forward two decades and meet a very different Francine Ward: Georgetown law-school graduate, marathon runner, successful businesswoman, tireless community leader. The secret to her turn around? Esteemable acts.

Built on the concepts that led to her own remarkable recovery, Esteemable Acts presents ten specific ways to put self-confidence on the fast track. While other self help books encourage contemplation or verbal affirmations, Esteemable Acts gets readers off the couch and into the vibrant world by teaching them how to walk through fear. From servicing others to career-related activities, each component of Ward’s program pushes the boundaries of comfort zones, proves naysayers wrong, and examines every aspect of life to find hidden opportunities for greater self-love. From and author who is a walking, talking testimonial, this is a groundbreaking new path to courage.

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