Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide


Miller, Caroline Adams; Frisch, Michael B.

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The passion for life lists has spawned an industry that includes thoughtful experts such as Caroline Miller, a life coach and motivational book author, and Dr. Michael Frisch, a positive psychology coach and clinical psychologist at Baylor University. Working together, they have fashioned the most useful, science-based, and up-to-date book on the topic of goal setting and accomplishment.

Creating Your Best Life supplies dozens of interactive exercises and quizzes readers can use to identify their most cherished needs, ambitions, and wishes. The exercises are fun, making the process of self-discovery enjoyable and productive. The authors unique life list coaching program organizes life lists into 16 key areas that are universally known to make people happy to help you actually achieve your aspirations. No other life list book offers research-validated information on why certain steps matter in goal accomplishment, or even how goals are connected with any type of life satisfaction.

Readers will feel both educated and inspired to start writing goal-setting lists in order to live their lives more consciously, productively, and happily.

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